About American Martial Arts

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Welcome to American Martial Arts in Greenville, RI where our mission is to make our students more successful in life through the practice of the Martial Arts. We strive to be a positive influence and role model in our student's lives by reinforcing the same values in our classes that parents instill at home.

American Martial Arts teaches Martial Arts as a complete discipline, in a highly motivated and fun atmosphere. This approach helps develop self-esteem and confidence in our students while forming high individual standards of behavior.

Through the American Martial Arts methods of "Black Belt Excellence" we aim to produce individuals who are positive and respectful, developing concentration, patience, courage and inner strength as well as learning self-defense and enhancing their physical abilities. Our goal is to teach our students that to be a true Martial Artist is to show all of these benefits not only in class, but also in their schools, homes and communities.