Martial Arts Classes

Children's Program

If you're looking for your child to learn how to defend themselves, become more confident, and stay in shape at the same time, look no further. American Martial Arts in Greenville, RI is a school that combines the philosophy of Martial Arts with a new age approach to give kids the confidence and principles they need to be successful. Read More

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

American Martial Arts has BJJ at it’s core. The head instructor is Mr. Binyamen Demirgioglu. He is an extremely technical BJJ practitioner who teaches in clear and simple terms. He has the unique ability to break down complicated situations into manageable pieces that everyone can understand. He also keeps the environment fun and enjoyable for all students. Read More

Krav Maga & Muay Thai

Battlefield tested techniques that work off of your natural reactions that you will use to defend yourself. Over the course of the curriculum you will effectively learn knife defense, gun defense and much more. Read More

Yoga Classes

Instructor Kaleena Roch received her 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher credential from A New Day Yoga, Affilliate of Finding Inner Peace. She instructs Hatha Yoga. For more information please visit Read More


American Martial Arts offers Adult Kickboxing classes. In this one hour class you will work on cardio fitness along with conditioning and bag work. This is strictly a workout class, no belts and uniforms are worn. Lose weight fast in this kickboxing class! Read More