Kids Karate Classes

If you're looking for your child to learn how to defend themselves, become more confident, and stay in shape at the same time, look no further. American Martial Arts in Greenville, RI is a school that combines the philosophy of Martial Arts with a new age approach to give kids the confidence and principles they need to be successful.

Kids Karate Classes

Kids will learn a variety of benefits, including:

  • •Motor skills and muscle memory
  • •Confidence in themselves
  • •Respect for others
  • •Learn to say “NO” to negative peer pressure
  • •How to overcome challenges
  • •Rock Solid Goal Setting
  • •Much More

Developing Black Belt Principals

In all of our Karate Classes kids learn a mix of kenpo karate and "I Can" life skills where they learn to defend themselves, but feel like an action movie star doing it! As our students learn to better themselves physically they begin to gain confidence, perseverance and other Black Belt Principals which translate into other aspects of life.

In addition, parents love how we take the belt system and martial arts philosophies and relate them to the child’s life. Children are taught the karate lifestyle, goal achievement, and the importance of working hard to choose success.

The classes are grouped as follows: Tiny Tigers Classes for children ages 3-5, Little Dragon Classes for children ages 6-8, and Karate Kid Classes ages 9 & up. The material and training for each class is designed specifically for each age group.

All of our classes feature the "I CAN" way of life. In each class, you will notice there is a five minute message of the week that features an "I CAN" lesson. The "I CAN" program is committed to developing trust, confidence, respect, and a positive attitude which will help our youth set-up a successful path for their future.