Krav Maga

Battlefield tested techniques that work off of your natural reactions that you will use to defend yourself. Over the course of the curriculum you will learn:

  • •Basic Combatives
  • •Defense against Chokes
  • •Knife Defense
  • •Gun Defense
  • •Defense against more than one attacker
  • •Ground Techniques

Krav Maga Muay Thai martial arts

Every week we have a new class planned for you. Using the goals of the class for the month we formulate our exercises, drills, and techniques for every ability level from beginner to advanced. There is always the next level to achieve and to better yourself.

American Martial Arts takes fitness to the next level with high energy Krav Maga classes. Adult classes are conveniently scheduled in the mornings and evenings for your busy schedule. View our class schedule and make a point to visit AMA to take a free trial class.

Alpha Krav Maga International
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