THANKYOU to you and your staff at American Martial Arts for your help in making SD Barnes Elementary School's "HEALTHY KIDS DAY" such a success. I comend you and your staff for your enthusiasm and interest in children's health because, as you know, "it takes a village" all working together to address many of the health issues children face today. Participating in martial arts, as the children learned,is the perfect approach to address both the discipline and exercise nedded to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The children are still excited about how much fun they had rotating to various stations and participating in health related educational activities. I cannot tell you the number of staff/faculty and children alike who were fascinated with the martial arts presentation your team put on for all, especially those demonstrating their skills in nunchuks and sword handling. Kudos to you and your team for impressing us all!

So as we prepare for the summer from school, again we'd like to thank you and American Martial Arts for helping us make this school year enriching and prosperous especially when attempting to encourage lifelong healthy habits.
We look forward to working with you on future endeavors,"
Valerie J, RN, M.Ed.

- "I started working out at AMA about a year ago, since then I have seen results which I had never seen from other exercise programs I'd tried in the past. I look forward to classes because they are so much fun. My classmates are great and everyone encourages each other. Our instructors are helpful and motivating. The best part is that I can work out with my husband and son. AMA has programs for every member of the family. I can't say enough about the positive impact AMA has had on our family."
-Cecille P